Doctors Against Violence Towards Women

Doctors Against Violence

A coalition of 750+ doctors committed to combating intimate partner violence.

Trauma Care Experts

We are world leading experts in providing trauma informed care to current victims, and survivors.

We will provide resources for this, and are building guidelines, research and more.

Supporting Colleagues

We support doctors and other colleagues in supporting women.

Join our group of 750+ doctors, and keep up to date with what we’re doing, and how you can help.

Advocating for our patients

We actively promote this cause. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

Learn more about our success in helping criminalise coercive control, launching a world-first women only trauma hospital, and more.

What we've accomplished.

A Domestic Violence hospital.

Which only treats PTSD. This is a world first, which could treat 350 survivors of domestic violence, per year.
Find out more by clicking here.

Trauma focused care.

We secured $25million in funding for a one-stop trauma informed treatment centre, based in the Illawarra.

Criminalising coercive control.

We were responsible for lobbying for this change, which holds perpetrators accountable for more types of abuse.
See our NSW Parliamentary expert testamoney here.

“Why doesn’t she leave?” It’s because the risks- that only she truly understands, are far too great.

Dr Karen Williams

Chairperson, Founder

“It is never acceptable for women to feel a prisoner in their own homes. Every person has a human right to safety.”

Nikhil Autar


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