Doctors Against Violence Towards Women

Doctors Against Violence

About Us

We are 750+ doctors, dedicated to combating intimate partner violence.

Intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence, does not discriminate. Millions of women globally are affected. As many as 1/3 women face this from a partner in their life. It has increased in prevalence during COVID-19.


Doctors Against Violence Ltd is a coalition of doctors who support each-other in supporting women affected by IPV. We are the largest organisation of experts in the world dedicated to combating this problem. We have specialists of all systems, and many General Practitioners and Psychiatrists.

We aim to advance education on trauma informed care to all doctors and service providers, to minimise physical and psychological harms.

We actively support doctors and service providers who support women.  To join our coalition of doctors, click here

And we advocate, and promote public health awareness, to minimise the effects of IPV on health. To support this, follow us on social media, view our submissions to government, research and more here, and check us out in the press here. 

We recently gained deductible gift recipient charity status, to allow donors to claim gifts to our organisation, come tax time. Do consider donating. You can do so here!

Currently, the majority of victims are women, and the vast majority of perpetrators are men (see statistics and learn more about this here). We recognise that men, transgender, intersex, and others may suffer from IPV too, but due to limited constraints, expertise and considerable trauma that is largely unaddressed in women, focus on women. We may be able to refer on, if needed.